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Please share your custom enclosure for your mill.
hello everyone om kinda new here ind im trying to build the jgro its kinda hard when u dont know anything about decimals so i think the mesurments are kinda off [​IMG]im looking for bearings and aluminum angle iron....not really that many places around here that sell bearings cept sporting good stores but we dont have any close to me....saw some on ebaybut i dont know if those are any good? ohh what type of motors do i need? my brother wants me to cut stuff outta aluminum for him dont know if the machine can do that? all i've seen it cut is wood but i just want it to make pcb boards....well this is what i have so far took some pictures with my phone hope there clear [​IMG] ok i think my pictures were added we'll see when i post this [​IMG]
I have a HX-laser 6090 lasercutter for two years now. It does it's work but I am still not happy about the consistency of the cutting/engraving quality. As I had to move the machine and it is now in many pieces(couldn't get it through a door..), it is the perfect moment to upgrade the machine! Things noticed: - Table is never level and it is hard to level it. The thread and nuts to move the Table up and down is of very poor quality. -> Change it to 4x glide axis and 2x proper threads with stepper motors to move up and down. - Putting the laser in exact focus(or halfway material) works not great. With stepper motor, single reference to 0 needed and then exact movement should be possible. - At high engraving speed, mirrors can loose alignment due to hard start and stop. New motion cardis needed to control in PID/sinusoidal style. - At high cutting speed, diagonal lines seem to "wobble". They are never straight. Wobble caused again by motion cardor something loose in machine? - I would like to regularly replace the last focal lens so I can switch between 34, 50 and 100mm. Laserhead should support this without having to crew off the whole head and having to realign(or readjust) the whole head. Does a head like this already exist?
I took a college course a year ago in Solidworks. After the class ended I converted some hand sketches to CAD drawings. I got pretty good with Solidworks but got busy at work and in my own shop. Went an entire year without using Solidworks until this week. Have a project at work where I had hand sketches and converting them to CAD. I'm learning Solidworks for the second time and already think I'm better than ever after short sessions in the last few days. I understand Solidworks is a spin off of Auto-CAD. Therefore, knowing some Auto-CAD can be helpful when learning Solidworks. Objects are drawing in 3-D (part drawing) from the beginning. Converting to a 3-view drawing (or Orthagraphic projection) is done last. Assemblies are another strong point for Solidworks. What you do is open several part drawings and then click and drag them into an assembly page. Very impressive to take a pin and piece with a hole and actually insert the pin in the hole. Hopefully, Solidworks users can come here and learn form each other. I have no one to help me so I sometimes slug it out for several minutes or hours.
Looking for something that can create thumbnails that can be printed, say 12 to a page, from standard dxf files... I use A9 cad, and only option there is single dxf/ single page print.. any recommendations??
I am building a CNC router table to cut 3/4" plywood. I am looking into getting a belt that is an 1" wide and has a pitch of 3/8" (is this pitch too big)? also what are normal prices for these belts I might be paying approx $85 CAN for a 10ft length Thanks for the input
I am look for a ah, well, you see I don't quite no what to call it. The drive mechanism for a stationary lead screw design. The whole assembly (including gearing) between the stepper and up to and including the (hopefully anti-backlash) lead nut. I don't know what to call it nor do I know where to find it. Any suggestions for COT equipment of this sort? Or am I stuck with fabing it up myself?
What board manufacturers around for the 5-6 axis boards, what are my options? Any in the price range for the home market?
Hi, Anyone suggest suitable wood router spindle drive? I've been looking at shotbot's website and they sure look much more robust square framed motors then the standard hand router, covered in plastic that you'll find in the DIY stores... The issue I've got about just purchasing a motor off epay for example is that it will not have a chuck. An links to manufacturers that other people's used for spindle drives would be gratefully acce