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Discussion in 'Mastercam' started by workerbee, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. workerbee

    workerbee Newbie

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    I am using a generic 4 axis mill post for fanuc in inches and I just started programing for a horizontal boring mill it has x axis table movement y axis spindle up and down z axis spindle in and out also it has a rotary table with b axis and the w axis movex the spindle column. Does master cam make a post that will take w into consideration when writing a program ?I have been programming for VMC for a long time now and use the touch off method to set my tools so I am now exploring what it takes to run an hbm any help would be greatly appreciated even a suggestion to a book or reference would be helpful. I am confident I will learn how to make it work I would just like to learn it faster and with as less problems as possible

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