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Drag Knife toolpaths

Discussion in 'BobCad-Cam' started by workerbee, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. workerbee

    workerbee Newbie

    Blog Posts:
    I don't see a good way to create a Drag Knife toolpath in BobCAD. I can go in and add the lead in and out paths to lines myself, but for larger work this would be VERY cumbersome. I have put in a feature request to have this added by BobCAD, if you think it would be of use to you, please put in a feature request as well. BobCAM-CAM Software Issue Report, Feature Request | CAD/CAM | BobCAD-CAM

    My understanding is that Aspire has added this functionality, would be nice to see it in BobCAD.

    If you are currently doing Drag Knife work in BobCAD, please post your workflow so we can see how you accommodate it!

    Does anyone know of an open source Drag Knife toolpath creation option? I have searched via Google and came up empty...

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